Saving Money with Tea Bags

Would you like to save $185.12 this year? It can be easier than you think. All you need to do is make a simple switch from drinking soda pop to drinking iced tea. Consider the following facts if you will.

If you purchase four-two liter bottles of your favorite soda pop each week, you will probably spend 99 for each one. The total cost of the soda pop comes to $3.96 a week which equals $205.92 a year just for something to drink!

Now consider if you will the simple tea bag. I can purchase a box of 100 tea bags for 79. The sugar that I use in that gallon of tea will cost around 12 and the 10 tea bags per gallon will cost about 8. We do not pay for water here, so there is no cost for that. If you pay for water where you live, this will increase your costs.

To sum it up, I can make a gallon of smooth tasting, delicious iced tea for around 20. If I make two gallons per week to equal the amount of liquid in the four-two liters of soda pop, I will have spent 40 for the iced tea. Now imagine if you will, how that kind of savings will add up over a year. $20.80 for iced tea verses $205.92 for soda pop. You do the math and you will see for yourself. Would you like to save $185.12 this year? Switch to drinking iced tea and save yourself some money this year.

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